That’s probably the long and short of it. Much of it is my problem. You’re all just people. You can’t help it, I suppose. I should calm down. I’m obviously just projecting.

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An Audience of One

“Then the Facebook page gets created and daydreams of thousands of likes and contributions and comments and me, there, naked, erect, important, waving a flag with my face on it with the pole shoved firmly up my backside.”

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PR power still paralysing video game journalism

“…having worked and experienced the industry from the inside, I often feel that these, albeit sometimes overly aggressive and whiny criticisms aren’t given a fair hearing. I mean, we all know how businesses are run, right? We all know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So why should we simply trust journalists and websites whose existence is primarily controlled by the corporations they report on?”

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