It’s raining, men.

You know what group are the most impoverished in Western Society? 45-60 year-old men. They also hold the record for alcohol abuse, (attempted) suicide, bankruptcy and pretty much everything else. Men suffer worst when there’s divorce, they lose their job (especially during the financial crisis), they have a harder time reeducating themselves, if unskilled they are the most likely not to find another job. They more often than not become estranged from their families, almost always lose custody battles. Suffer the most from anxiety and depression. Most abusers are men. Most prisons are filled with men. More men die needlessly at war than women and have only joined the army in the promise that their lives won’t amount to what I listed above.

Young men get the worst A-level results. They are also the most likely to drop out of school early. And it’s getting worse, not better.

This isn’t to say that everyday-sexism toward women isn’t an issue not to be taken seriously. But it’s all we hear about. We never get a balance. Although equality is paramount, conditions for women are improving. Too slowly, yes. I agree with all of it. But who is helping these men? And why aren’t they being helped? And why are we never talking about it? Why do we only read about feminism and the trials and tribulations of modern, educated, independent women struggling with archaic social stereotypes?

I’ve had had enough of it.


Say something goddammit!

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