Too many secrets

That’s C-Tec Astronomy for those of you who’ve seen the film. Last decent movie Dan Akroyd ever did. I’ve got a red squiggly line under Akroyd so that may not be spelled right. Or should that be rightly? Adverbs.

So. Writing something every day is going to be hard, and is probably something I won’t be able to sustain; a goal I’ll never reach; a train I’ll never catch; a songbird whose tune I’ll never hear; a baby’s laughter I’ll never share; a…..stop now.

People take themselves too seriously. Well, many of the people I know do. Academics mainly. Weirdos. Academic weirdos. Why does weirdo have a red squiggle too? I know it’s an identity thing, and I know that only something like 9% of the country (Denmark) have Masters (apostrophe?) degrees, but Jesus Christ chill out. I mean, officially, I’m Master of the Arts [dontchaknow] but it doesn’t like mean that I actually am. I dunno. Maybe I don’t take myself seriously enough. MAYBE IT’S ME?!?! 😥 etc. Still.

So writing something every day will hopefully turn into this magical organic writing process that will somehow


There are others. There have always been others. There will always be others. You know what I’m talking about. They’ll never be anything but An Other. Most of them we’ve never spoken to. Some of them we’ve never really actually seen, but they’re there. And they’re necessary. They’re our lifeblood. Every day and in every way the others come: flitting in and out like a simile I don’t have the time nor energy to think of. They can be uplifting, arousing, annoying, frustrating, but we need them. We can’t live without them. We must always doubt them. Never get too close. That spoils it all. Some can get closer than others, naturally.

Others closer than others, ha!

But still, remain still. Watch carefully. Watch how they move. You can tell. The only reason you think you can’t is you. You can. Don’t fear them. Surround yourself with them. Entertain them. Hate them. It’s all part of being alive.

Let the Others win. Always. Love them for it. Love them for letting you lose.

That’ll do.

[Featured image is by William Blake]


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