Why so curious? – 22 Cans’ catastrophe

Peter Molyneux is a video gaming genius. I don’t care if you disagree, you’re wrong – he is. Fable I & II were groundbreaking, as is B&W. His ideas, his enthusiasm, his passion, are all things to admire and aspire to. I’m sure his latest company, 22 Cans, is the best place to work anywhere ever and their debut smartphone/pad app, Curiosity, is also earth-shatteringly amazing in both its uniqueness and design. I’m also sure that “what’s inside the cube?” is as amazing as Pete says it is. [I’m being serious here.] There is just one problem however, I can never get to play it.

There are some images below that accurately describe the process every time I pick up the damn thing. That isn’t to say I haven’t dreamily tapped at the cube to the hypnotic, Eno-inspired backing. I’ve bought a few firecrackers and excitedly wondered what it be be like buying bombs, and how many of the little four-sided bastards I could clear with one of those babies. I’ve wondered what’s inside the cube. In short, I’ve played enough of the game to “get it,” I just can’t get to it.

I know Peter’s promised server upgrades, and that he, like Hugh Grant before him, has used his quintessentially British charms to apologise and ensure that all hands are on deck and if you’ll just afford him a little more time and so on and so forth. Well, Peter, I go back to the game daily. You’ve won me over. I give in. Your game, your idea; I’m in. I just can’t play it. It’s killing me. I’m the cat, and curiosity is…


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