Obama – Race for The Presidency – Part 5 “The Contradiction”

After having looked at all of the major influences in Barack Obama’s life – his wife Michelle, his African American peers such as Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson, his family, his schooling in Hawaii – we must now attempt to gather the strands of events outlined in the previous four parts of this work and see if a singular knot can be tied, or if there are stragglers.

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Kerouac and the West – Part 4

We have in the previous chapters established Kerouac’s admiration of the impossible, his fascination with the West as an ideal and legend, got a sense of his artistic rebellion in Spontaneous Prose, and his alienation from the America portrayed and promised by the Industrial Revolution. These conclusions have been drawn by studying his life and his surroundings. We’ve looked at his childhood influences, but what of those as an adult?

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