The Avengers Assemble Review

Cardboard cut-out villain: check. A group of remarkable individuals finally made to realise they need each other due to massive enemy threat: check. CGI to blow your mind: check. One-liners amidst the chaos: check. One angry black guy who just happens to be The Avengers’ equivalent of the Chief of Police thus mirroring every 70s stereotype cop movie made to date: check. Scarlett Johansson’s backside: check. Great fun regardless: check.

DC and Warner must be working hard to find a way to combine their heroes into a Justice League movie that will top this. For all its faults, Avengers Assemble gives ample screen time to each of its heroes and none of the roles feel superfluous.

If Nolan’s Dark Knight’s cerebral bent lavishingly licked your brain, then the Avengers slips its hands down your trousers. It knows what buttons to push (or caress), and it does its job well. In fact, the whole film is basically Iron Man and Hulk, their scenes both as Banner and Stark and their superhero guises are the glue that holds the otherwise shallow and flimsy characters together. However, flying in the face of adversity, The Avengers Assemble flies in the face of all criticism.

If you haven’t seen it, see it. However, don’t expect anything more than a fun movie. No layers here. No character arc. No personal struggles. No matter.


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