Part I

The taxi turned up late, meaning I’d kept her waiting. I sent her a text message to tell her as much. No reply. It was only as I pushed send did I wonder why she hadn’t initially texted me herself. I fact, how did she get my mobile umber, I’m sure I only gave my landline through the site, and I do’t remember giving it to her. Not that soon. I checked Twitter for the world’s latest mundanities, slid my phone back in my pocket and poured another drink.

In the comfort of the all-leather interior cab I tilted my head to one side and thought of nothing. The driver and I exchanged the mundane pleasantries.

Quiet. Nothing but the quiet drone of the Mercedes engine. I always like Danish cabs. Bloody expensive. But a nice ride nonetheless.

I took my phone out of my pocket.

Going to meet again her now.

Jaz23: @ben_edict Get in there my son!

Jabkn: @ben_edict Again?! FHUTA

Sab: @ben_edict pics plz

@jabkn @jaz23 @sab 🙂

Sab: @ben_edict How do you do it? She’s a idiot.

Bored. It started to rain.

“You see that curb?” said the driver. I had, I said, giving him a sideways glance.

“It’s too low. They’ve just asphalted the road and look, the rain’s spilling onto the pavement. Lucky for them houses they’re on a hill.”


“I said when they were doing it. I said, “It’ll be too high,” I said. Still, I just do my job. That’ll be 97,75 kroner, please.”

@sab: fu

I paid by card and made my way across the tree-lined forecourt to her apartment. There were wast-height hedges lining the pathway to the front door with a thousand buzzers accompanied by tiny cameras. I rang the buzzer, grinned broadly. Smart, always so smart.

The foyer door opened. I made my way up the winding concrete stairs holding on to the railings. It was now that I found out.

I could already see that her door was ajar after having reached floor. I trod carefully with my arm stretched out for the handle, hoping to open it slowly and maybe get a feel for things before making my presence known. It flung open. Her slender arm reached out and pulled mine. The door closed behind me and we embraced in her narrow, dim hallway.


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